Fox Mill Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Presentation at the Kindergarten Parent Orientation

Language Arts

Oral Language:

•Listening, speaking, and responding

•Understanding of story structure

•Understanding of word structure


•Print awareness and phonemic awareness

•Alphabet identification

•Shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading


•Ability to use drawing and writing to communicate

•Ability to read and share own writing


Concepts covered:

—Number Sense


—Data Analysis and Statistics



—Coin Recognition

—Addition and  Subtraction


—Physical properties

—Seasonal changes


—Animal adaptations

—Five senses


—Sink and float

—Natural resources


Social Studies

Themes/Units include:

—We are Special

—Families are Special

—Communities are Special

—The World is Special

—Important Individuals in American History


Growth opportunities for students to:

—Become familiar with computer terms and tools

—Login independently

—Use applicable software and integrated experiences

—Learn Internet Safety

—24/7 Blackboard is a means of communication between parents and teachers.

How is my child’s academic progress assessed?

•All FCPS kindergarteners are formally assessed using the Word Analysis.

•This test is administered one on one by teachers during the 1st and 4th quarters (Oct. & May)

•Results are shared & tasks are discussed at the end of the first quarter during the parent-teacher conferences.

•Report cards are sent home at the end of the  2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters.

DRA WA  assesses the student’s knowledge of:


—Beginning sounds

—Upper and lower case letters

—Letter sound relationships

—Voice to print match

—Recognizing high frequency words

—Spelling high frequency words

A Typical Kindergarten Day

Arrival Time 

Opening Time 

Instruction Time

Table Work Time




Quiet Rest


Play / Work Center Time

Dismissal Time

**P.E., Music, Art, Library

Skills/Strategies for Success

—Arrival Time

  • Ability to separate from parents
  • Organize personal belongings
  • Follow class routines

—Opening Time

  • Ability to participate in oral and physical activities

—Instruction Time

  • Ability to listen attentively for short increments of time

—Table Work Time

  • Ability to follow one and two step directions
  • Ability to work independently

—Bathroom / Snack Time

  • Ability to independently use the bathroom and practice good hygiene
  • Ability to use appropriate manners

—Play / Work Center Time

  • Ability to take turns
  • Ability to communicate with peers and adults
  • Ability to problem solve

—Dismissal Time

  • Ability to retrieve and reorganize personal belongings to go home
  • Knowledge of transportation method from school to home, daycare or play date

Collaborative Learning Philosophy

—Fox Mill Elementary strongly promotes collaborative grade level teams. 

—Kindergarten teachers and assistants meet often to plan lessons and strategies together.