Onigiri Action

Students and Staff Fight World Hunger

By Lucy H, Lilly H. and Lucas M.
November 18, 2019

In honor of World Food Day, Fox Mill students participated in Onigiri Action which is a campaign to fight world hunger.  Students and staff learned about the cultural significance of the Japanese rice treat, then made, photographed, and enjoyed their creations.

Onigiri is a Japanese comfort food and is made with rice and nori (or seaweed). You can make Onigiri in different shapes like a panda, a snowman, or an angry bird, and more! For each photo of onigiri shared to social media, Onigiri Action's partner organizations provide five school meals to students in need.

Our entire student body participated in making onigiri! That's actually a lot of meals when you think about it. Post 20 photos (via Instagram, Twitter,and Facebook) and you will already have fed 100 kids! 

The reason why our school participated in Onigiri Action (besides the fact that onigiri is tasty) was to educate students and staff about Japanese culture, and perform a community service. Our favorite part of Onigiri Action was eating the Onigiri and taking pictures.