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Success in Kindergarten

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) believes that a high quality kindergarten program provides an education which meets each child’s needs, interests, and level of development. Kindergarten offers opportunities for children to observe, explore, experiment, and investigate the world around them. 

FCPS recognizes that parents are their children’s first teachers. This publication provides parents with ways to support their children to help ensure a successful transition to kindergarten. Parents are encouraged to engage children in these activities in their home language. For additional information, please visit…

How to Be Involved in Your Child's Education (FCPS)

Fairfax County Public Schools welcomes parent involvement in their child’s school experience. Your support and encouragement are crucial to your student’s academic success.

  • Be an informed parent.
  • Get to know your child’s teacher.
  • Support learning at home.
  • Use resources available to FCPS families. 
  • Become an active supporter of education. 
Read the full flyer at the following link: 
How to be involved in your childs education-ENG .pdf

Structuring Your Home for School Success (FCPS)

As a parent, you already provide for your child’s basic needs. Here are more ways to make your home a learning place. 

  • Be your children’s first teacher.  
  • Build motivation.  
  • Organize space and time. 
  • Foster Responsibility. 
Read the full flyer at the following link: 
structuring your home for school success.pdf

Good Attendance (FCPS)

Attending school regularly is a habit that leads to school success.  Set the expectation in kindergarten that your child will get to school on time every day. The habit will carry through elementary, middle, and high school years and into adult life. 

What Parents Can Do
  • Help your child set and maintain routines. 
  • Ensure that your child gets enough sleep. 
  • Send children to school unless they are sick. 
  • Schedule medical appointments outside of school hours. 
  • Avoid long trips when school is in session. 
Read more about the importance of good attendance at the following link: 
good attendance handout.pdf

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